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About Us

Helping our students succeed

Our Story

Achievers’ Academy was formed by two entrepreneurs, who passionately believe that investment in one’s education has the best ROI (return on investment) than any other investment you will ever make. Whilst studying for their own MBA as mature students, and having gone through the 11+ exams prep journey for their children, they decided to convert this passion into something tangible that could benefit the wider community.


Achievers’ Academy was born in 2013 in Basingstoke with the aim of providing a holistic learning environment for every student, and giving them best 11 plus  grammar school tuition opportunities to enhance their skills not only to pass the 11+ grammar school exams, but also to excel in whatever field of learning they choose to go on to.


We will partner with the best local teachers, tutors and educational institutions as we look to grow Achievers’ Academy by expanding our branch network.

Book grammar school tuition in Basingstoke

We are passionate about delivering high quality education to students so they can find grammar school tuition in Basingstoke. We help students aiming for grammar and independent schools. Our first batch began with just 8 students in 2013 with a 90% success rate in year 1. Achievers’ Academy has grown from strength to strength, now offering tutoring for all years from year 3 to A levels, with over 50 students in 2020 and a new branch in High Wycombe.

Why choose us for 11+ grammar school tuition?

Achievers’ Academy’s success is a combination of factors:


  • Students are at the centre of everything we do. We get the best out of our students by inculcating a love for the subject and hone their skills by regular practice and continuous testing with 11 plus grammar school tuition.
  • Our qualified 11 plus grammar school tutors teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach
  • We evaluate and buy the best 11 plus grammar school tuition content available on the market (11+ prep books, 11+ exam papers, 11+ mock exams, 11+ online resources)
  • We work very closely with parents and deliver the best results for our students.

Achievers' Academy

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Success Rate



11+ Grammar School Tuition Results

Our students have passed 11+ exams at the following schools so far:

Kendrick School, Reading Boys, The Henrietta Barnett School, Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton Grammar School, Wallington High School for Girls, Wilson’s School, Upton Court Grammar School, Herschel Grammar School, St. Bernard’s Catholic Grammar school, Winchester College, Westminster School, Salesian College, Farnborough Hill, Reading Blue Coat School, Kingston Grammar, Lord Wandsworth College, Sherfield School.

Frequently Asked Questions

11 plus grammar school tuition near me

11+ grammar school places are limited, so competition is very fierce. Every year the selection is getting tougher, which is why more children than ever are having 11+ grammar school tuition to prepare themselves for the exams. Every child is different, we take the time to understand them, see what works for them and give them learning skills and techniques that they can use much beyond the 11 plus grammar school exams. Instead of handing someone a fish, we believe in teaching someone ‘how to fish’.

As early as possible. With our experience, we find someone who has started in Year 3 has the strongest foundations and the best possible chance of success when they give the exams at the beginning of Year 6. Our programme builds the foundations from Year 3 onwards. We find that increasing vocabulary and getting into a habit of reading books and putting in time to do regular homework takes time, and is best reinforced over a couple of years.

Achievers’ Academy passionately believes in delivering high quality 11 plus  grammar school exams teaching through qualified teachers, selecting the best content and closely working with students and parents, which gets the results we and our students are proud of.

Our classes are limited to 10-12 students, this encourages healthy competition amongst a motivated set of students, widens horizons learning from each other in addition to what is being taught in class, and bringing the best out in the students.

Please see our blog here which explains the benefits of working in a group (11 plus group tutoring) and smaller class sizes.

What Our Students Have to Say

Focus, Academic Oriented, Friendly environment.



Additional methodical hard work that helps in learning, Not just focused on exams but holistic learning.



Positive environment with other kids.



I worked as a Maths teacher in Achiever Academy.I really liked their method of teaching. They tend to focus on every student. I found that the subject material was very helpful to the students. The best part was the parents teacher communication. 


I had an amazing experience working with AA and I would recommend AA to students who wants to achieve their dream of studying in grammar school

Priyanka Mahajan


All parents have said they would recommend AA to friends and family.

More than 80% of our admissions are through personal recommendations, which is the biggest testimonial of our success.