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Preparing for 11+ grammar and independent schools. Here are some resources for your help.

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These are some of the schools that our students aim for:

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At Achievers' Academy, we are committed at delivery high quality tuition service to all our students. This is why, we utilise online tools to support their learning.

Achievers’ Academy offers a positive learning environment where our students work with a motivated group of students and attain high levels of success.

At Achievers’ Academy, we provide group tutoring, but our support staff and teachers ensure every child is given individual attention during the sessions.

Our teachers fully understand the requirements of each exam paper. Our students get regular practice by doing weekly exams and focus on timing.

We teach our students what ‘good’ looks like and benchmark their outputs to what is required in the exams.

We believe all students can succeed. Every student has the potential to learn, grow and become successful. We know how to get them there. We work on our students’ strengths and weaknesses and maximise every student’s potential.

What Our Students Have to Say

Focus, Academic Oriented, Friendly environment.



Additional methodical hard work that helps in learning, Not just focused on exams but holistic learning.



Positive environment with other kids.



I worked as a Maths teacher in Achiever Academy.I really liked their method of teaching. They tend to focus on every student. I found that the subject material was very helpful to the students. The best part was the parents teacher communication. 


I had an amazing experience working with AA and I would recommend AA to students who wants to achieve their dream of studying in grammar school

Priyanka Mahajan


All parents have said they would recommend AA to friends and family.

More than 80% of our admissions are through personal recommendations, which is the biggest testimonial of our success.